Electric Machines

We use all the power of structure preserving algorithms to model and simulate electric machines. These modern methods are superior to conventional simulations in many respects. They are well known in the scientific community – now ready for industrial applications.

We want to bring all their potential to your business. Our simulations of electric machines offer superiority in:


Protect from numerical dispersion and spurious effects.
→No artificial power loss!


Robust prediction of correct behavior even in long-time simulations.
→No long-time accumulation of erroneous behavior!


Improve the simulation-speed and save memory cost.
→Speed-up of x10-30!

We compare our structure-preserving simulation (blue) with a standard Runge-Kutta method (red) for an electric motor. Notice the superior stability and good energy behavior of our methods

We use all the potential of structure preserving algorithms to reduce costs and gain a significant advantage in the market. Our team of experts in engineering and physics is ready to help you implementing simulations according to your requirements and bring your business to the next level.

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